What To Look For In A Vocal Coach

What To Look For In A Vocal Coach

Most people who sing will start on their own. There are so many books and youtube videos that claim they can help someone learn how to sing. However, if someone gets serious about singing you may need to get a vocal coach. Vocal coaches are about to help you develop skills and maximize your vocal abilities.

The Ability To Listen Objectively

When looking for a vocal coach you want to make sure they are able to listen objectively. They will help you refine your technique based on what the vocal coach hears. It’s so important that your vocal coach can hear what is going on with your voice to be able to tell you what needs work without being judgemental.

Your vocal coach should also be able to explain why something is working or not working so that it makes sense from an objective standpoint rather than just saying something like “you’re not doing it right” without explaining how or why it should be done differently.

It’s Essential That Your Voice Coach Has Experience

A good vocal coach will have extensive experience working with singers at every level of training and ability so that they know how to deal with any issues that come up along with being able to identify problems quickly before they become too ingrained in your technique.

Experience is essential when it comes to a voice lesson. You do not want your vocal coach to hurt your voice because they don’t know what they are doing. Your vocal coach should have experience with various different styles of singing also. It is also very helpful if your vocal coach has some kind of performance experience.

Availability Is Crucial In a Vocal Coach

Finding a good vocal coach is a lot like finding the right hairdresser or barber. You want someone who is going to work with you for your specific needs. The best vocal coaches are available when you need them.

An extremely important part of being able to make progress as a singer is having access to your vocal coach when you need them. Your vocal coach should be able to work with your schedule and have a lesson 1 time a week or 1 time every other week depending on what you want for your lessons.

Make Sure Your Vocal Coach Is Accredited

You want to make sure your vocal coach is accredited. If a vocal coach is accredited they have certifications and qualifications that allow them to be more educated musically. Accreditation also shows that the particular vocal coach you are looking at is good and well trained. If your instructor is part of a voice & piano studio then that’s even better!

If your vocal coach is not accredited, that does not necessarily mean they are not qualified but they do not have the certification that shows they are truly qualified to teach vocal lessons. They know how to warm up a voice, and they know how to safely change singing ranges without hurting your voice.

The Price Should Be Reasonable For A Vocal Coach

No vocal coach should be charging what one may pay for rent monthly. Vocal coaches should be reasonably priced for their skill level. However, you also do not want a vocal coach to be super cheap because you may not be getting quality lessons.

Like everything else, there is a happy medium to what you want. If there is a vocal coach with years of experience and singing on broadway they may be more expensive with lessons than someone who sang in their college choir and studied music theory. Do not pick a vocal coach that you feel uncomfortable with.