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Take your music abilities to the next level with Las Vegas Voice & Piano. Our instructors are here to help every student achieve their musical goals. Whether you’re a kid, teen or an adult our instructors can help you. We welcome all styles of music and skill levels at our facility. Whether you’re a beginner needing help or an advanced student looking to improve your technique we can help.

Get in touch with Las Vegas Voice & Piano about private lessons. Every course is dedicated to improving a student’s skills so that they can become the best version of themselves. Once you’re enrolled you’ll experience the best voice and piano lessons in Las Vegas.

Voice and Piano Lessons For All Ages & Styles

Las Vegas Voice & Piano welcomes all age groups, skill levels, and styles! Our instructors are experts in music and music education. Each of these skill sets takes years to completely master. Thankfully, our instructors have 20 years of experience in music education and music performance. Having expert knowledge in both allows us to teach every student the best way possible.

Our instructors are also classically and contemporary trained musicians. Meaning, they can assist students to learn classical, blues, jazz, rock and many other forms of music. Contact Las Vegas Voice & Piano today and ask about lessons! We cover morning to evening times.

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All levels

We work with total beginners to the most advanced students.

All Ages

We work with students of all ages from kids, teens and adults!

All Styles

We offer lessons in Classical, Jazz, Pop, Blues, R&B.

Why Get Voice and Piano Lessons

Why Get Voice and Piano Lessons?

If you’re a beginner it’s important to take lessons since a teacher can show you the proper techniques to master your instrument. Acquiring these skills from the beginning allows for faster progression. Once a student has an intermediate level of understanding then they can start developing their style of playing. One way that students find their style is by composing their own original music!

However, all of these possibilities can’t happen without the direction of a trained professional. Sign up for voice and piano lessons to help develop your musical talents! Las Vegas Voice & Piano are your trusted music teachers for the past 20 years.

Schedule Voice and Piano Lessons

Ready to schedule a voice and piano lesson near me? Get in touch with Las Vegas Voice & Piano! Our instructors have helped students develop their musical talents for over 20 years. They even have linguistic experience with Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Hebrew language texts. Helping every student become the best musician they can be is our highest priority.

The teachers at Las Vegas Voice & Piano have a mastery knowledge of music and music education. Having a vast knowledge of both skills helps students develop their talents more efficiently. Contact us today to schedule a voice and piano lesson.

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Piano lessons that inspire

Imagine you or your child getting the opportunity to study with international, award-winning performers. Pianists who haven't just studied piano, they live it.

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