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Las Vegas Voice & Piano has tons of services and lessons! We offer kids piano lessons, adult singing lessons, vocals lessons, adult piano lessons and more. Each class is instructed by a certified teacher that has mastered music and music education. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve helped countless students achieve their dreams of becoming the best musician they can be.

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Our Voice and Piano Classes Las Vegas

Read more about the voice and piano lessons we provide at Las Vegas Voice & Piano!

Help your child’s musical development with kids piano lessons in Las Vegas! Every lesson helps them to read and write music while releasing their inner creativity. 

Kids Piano Lessons

Are you a beginner or experienced singer? We can help you develop your singing skills with our Las Vegas local singing lessons. Our instructors are here to help you.

Singing Lessons

Be the best pianist you can be with piano lessons in Las Vegas! The instructors at Las Vegas Voice & Piano are certified, professional and experienced musicians.

Piano Lessons

Our piano teacher in Las Vegas helps every student become the best pianist they can be. Las Vegas Voice & Piano has qualified piano teachers to improve their skills!

Piano Teacher

Unlock your vocal range with vocal lessons in Las Vegas. Every lesson we provide teaches a student how to control their voice in an effective way.

Vocal Lessons

Get voice lessons in Las Vegas! Every voice has a unique tone to it so why not learn how to control it in music? Sign up for our voice lessons in Las Vegas.

Voice Lessons

All levels

We work with total beginners to the most advanced students.

All Ages

We work with students of all ages from kids, teens and adults!

All Styles

We offer lessons in Classical, Jazz, Pop, Blues, R&B.

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