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Our Story

Las Vegas Voice & Piano is founded on helping the next generation of musicians find their creativity. We welcome all age groups, styles, and skill levels at Las Vegas Voice & Piano. Each lesson is focused on improving technique and performance ability. By teaching these skills at the early stages of the learning process the student will have greater opportunity to perform at a higher level.

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We Provide Best Voice and Piano
Lessons in Las Vegas

Get the best voice and piano lessons in Las Vegas! We offer private lessons for kids, teens and adults of all skill levels. Las Vegas Voice & Piano offers morning to evening classes to work with your schedule. As long as you have a passion for music then we’re able to fit you in. Contact us today for private voice and piano lessons in Las Vegas.

All levels

We work with total beginners to the most advanced students.

All Ages

We work with students of all ages from kids, teens and adults!

All Styles

We offer lessons in Classical, Jazz, Pop, Blues, R&B.

Certified Voice and Piano Teachers

The instructors at Las Vegas Voice & Piano are certified teachers that have studied at renowned music schools. They’ve also received awards for their performances. Our voice and piano teachers have a mastery of music and music education. Mastering an instrument takes years, but mastering music education is another skillset in itself.
Acquiring the knowledge to understand what you are doing with your instrument is another skill set in itself.

Our instructors live and breathe music with every note that they play. Now, our voice and piano teachers are helping the next generation of artists find their voice, style and creativity. The role of every instructor is to help them become the best musician they can be. With over 20 years of experience, they have successfully helped countless students.

Certified Voice and Piano Teachers
Helping Voice and Piano Students in Las Vegas

Helping Voice and Piano Students in Las Vegas

Are you or a loved one considering voice and piano lessons? Let us help! Las Vegas Voice & Piano dedicates itself to providing the best environment for the next generation of music students. We provide private lessons for kids, teens, and adults of all skill levels. All types of music styles are welcome at our facility. With time, our instructors help our voice and piano students release their inner potential.

One of the ways we help our students acquire a strong foundation is by teaching
music theory and harmony.
The knowledge of technique, theory, and harmony gives students a better understanding of how to perform music.

Piano lessons that inspire

Imagine you or your child getting the opportunity to study with international, award-winning performers. Pianists who haven't just studied piano, they live it.

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