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Why Anytime is a Good Time to Begin Studying Piano or Singing

Music is one way of honing various skills, such as critical thinking, and motor skills. Music also improves ones overall well-being. That said, it is undeniable that taking Las Vegas singing or piano lessons is a very beneficial tool for any individual.

Some parents begin taking their children to music schools during their formative years with the thinking that having early immersion to these kinds of skill sets would help kids to become more musically skilled when they grow up. Other parents begin taking their children during their teens, while, others grow up without any musical education and decide to take piano or singing lessons during their 20s or later.

The truth is, the desire to study music as an adult is a clear sign that there’s motivation in those people to explore their musical and expressive side. It could be that these adults want to take piano or singing lessons in Las Vegas because it’s something they’ve wanted to explore as a child but the opportunity didn’t present itself. Now in their adult years, the chance may have come up for them to study music as a hobby or to become a professional musician.

Whatever the reasons are, the question remains: Is there a bad time to begin to take singing or piano lessons? Is there such a thing as too early or too late?

To answer those questions: there isn’t a bad time to begin studying piano or singing lessons in Las Vegas, and people can learn to play piano or to sing at whatever phase they are in life. Starting at a younger age has benefits, but starting later has its perks, too.

Taking music lessons as a child

The benefits of immersing an individual with piano lessons in Las Vegas during their younger years include enhanced development of brain and hand coordination. This is because when studying piano, the brain has to focus on a variety of tasks to develop the knowledge necessary to begin to play the instrument.

Meanwhile, the challenges in studying for some children would be the task of matching the pitch. This is where ear training skills would come in.

Developing new skills in music will help youngsters develop tenacity and fortitude which will help them pick up other skills easier because of their study experience such as any beginner lessons in singing or piano that have been taught to them.

When the lessons are being provided to children at a young age, it is always a good thing to get the parents’ support, participation and encouragement, while still leaving the education part to the teachers at Las Vegas Voice and Piano.

Generally speaking, children who are guided with trained teachers will develop music skills enjoy and develop appreciation for music as their knowledge of music expands. The task at hand for the teacher and parents is to be patient and remind the child that they’re doing well at the level that they are at during that time of study.
The young student must be reminded that learning music requires patience and practice because progress takes time.

Beginning music lessons as an adult

As people mature their aspirations and goals change. The truth of the matter is, at any age, anybody just beginning to study is a beginner. Development takes time and patience. The reality is, now is as much a good time as any time to begin studying piano or singing lessons in Las Vegas.

There are advantages in beginning to take piano and singing lessons during a later time in life, one of them being that goals are often coming from a realistic point of view. Sometimes youngsters may have unrealistic expectations. That’s why parental guidance and encouragement is so necessary.

Usually, adults have experience working toward goals and understand what it takes to acquire a certain level of knowledge.

Individuals at about age 20 are considered adults. However, at this stage, some 20 year olds may feel like they want an immediate result. Again, patience and dedication is key. Having realistic goals and reaching them week after week and month after month is how music skills and technique is developed.

Most adults after the age 40 and up take on the study of music because they simply enjoy it. Their level of responsibility is greater due to their experience in life.

Some difficulties with studying music as an adult might include: funds, schedules, and day to day responsibilities. However, the level of dedication in this age range is always impressive and has been admired by the teachers in Las Vegas Voice and Piano and singing classes.

Putting that in the context of getting into singing or playing the piano, if one decides to start immersing themselves into music at and adult age, it must mean that they really like the idea of knowing the technicalities of music. In some instances, it takes a while for people to realize that they want to study music or to get up the courage to begin. But the best time to begin is at any age!

Adults are often seen studying at Las Vegas piano and singing lessons, as are children. With the commitment and desire to being dedicated to the study of the craft of music, the knowledge and experience one can aspire to is endless. That is part of the joy and beauty of the study of music.

Las Vegas Voice and Piano specializes in piano lessons and singing lessons for students of all ages and levels. Contact us today for more information for piano lessons and voice lessons Las Vegas. Please note all singing students under the age of 16 inquiring about singing lessons will be considered after an audition. For details about auditioning please call 702.348.7003.

Developing Life Skills Through Music Lessons

People have a variety of reasons for taking music lessons. It may be because of their passion for music, to add to current skill sets, to bring more creativity into ones life, or maybe, all of the above.

 Most people enrolling in singing or piano lessons in Las Vegas have goals and would expect results. As a result,  if you enroll in a singing or a piano lesson program, one thing you would be looking forward to is being able to understand more about music and to perform well.

Attaining that, in itself, is an achievement. But there’s more to music than simply playing the right notes. In fact, playing the correct notes is only the tip of the iceberg.

Taking piano lessons or voice lessons helps the student acquire life long skills that can be applied to their every day life. 

These benefits include:

Enhanced discipline and promote dedication. The pursuit of studying music is not an easy task. Most youngsters taking on piano lessons for beginners in Las Vegas grapple with understanding the basics during the first few months. More so, teens or even adults that are moving up to taking advanced piano lessons take in more information, which at times, could be just as challenging. 

This is why attaining discipline and dedication is such an important part in the  journey of studying music. Ludwig van Beethoven did not just wake up one day knowing that he would be a renowned composer. It takes a good amount of discipline and dedication to reach mastery in singing or playing the piano. Why? Because to be a good singer or pianist, one must have the discipline and dedication to find time to practice on a regular basis, to constantly apply the skills learned. Practicing on an irregular basis, say once a week or less, will not bring an individual to the desired improvement. 

The teachers immerse their students with the proper training and help impart the needed discipline and dedication to their students. And like any other learning attained from school, once discipline and dedication have been acquired by an individual, he or she would most likely use these skill in different aspects of his or her life, such as in studying, or in professional tasks. 

Boost in self esteem. Having the capability to learn new complex tasks, such as taking singing and piano lessons, gives a boost in one’s self-confidence. This is brought about by the knowledge that you are able to take on a difficult task and get through it. 

Accomplishing milestones in taking music lessons  makes one know that they can surpass even some of the most difficult challenges. For example, as a growing child, you started taking singing or piano lessons for beginners in Las Vegas, and later on, as you grew into your teenage years, have moved up to more advanced levels of study. Such improvement in learning music provides an extra boost, especially when you overcame a challenge you first thought you couldn’t. This confidence can translate to other day-to-day activities, apart from performing. 

Attaining skills necessary for career. Most students taking singing or piano lessons in Las Vegas develop a number of traits as they progress through their levels of study in music. 

Take for example, in both singing and playing the piano, a person has to develop memorization skills to learn the text and notes of a fine piece of music. Another trait is learning how to focus; one must learn to multi task to be able to interpret a piece of music. In terms of playing the piano or singing, one must be able to concentrate so they can perform all of the finer details to bring the best performance to interpret this piece of music as the composer would have expected.

These exact same skills will be beneficial for people while doing their day-to-day duties especially in the workplace. 

However, it shouldn’t be a question of whether these would also apply to younger individuals; because definitely, these skillsets would also help to excel in academics. If one can perform music at a high level, that would facilitate easier memorization of facts taught by teachers in school or read in textbooks. In turn, this could result to better grades for students. 

Enhanced social skills. Like other undertakings in school and in the workplace, people taking singing lessons or piano lessons in Las Vegas, have to interact with their teachers and their peers in the taken course. Part of this is making new friends and receiving feedback from the instructor. This undertaking alone helps improve people’s social skills.

In addition, those who take singing lessons and piano lessons who thoroughly practice would also benefit with having improved verbal communication skills. For one, using proper diction, enunciation and focusing on so many musical aspects is an important element of making great music. If one can actualize this in their performance, then most likely, he or she can also use that advantage to better communicate with people, such as colleagues.

Like the other disciplines, people who attained these skills while taking such lessons will most likely carry these practices to other environments they move in, such as in school and in the office. 

So, when taking singing and piano lessons in Las Vegas, understand that taking such classes is not only about music itself, but also, it offers benefits that you and your children can practice in their day to day life. 

That in itself is of great value. It does not only improve ones understanding of music, but also enhance their character. 

Las Vegas Voice and Piano specializes in piano lessons and singing lessons for students of all ages and levels. Contact us today for more information for piano lesson and  voice lessons Las Vegas. Please note all singing  students under the age of 16 inquiring about singing lessons will be considered after an audition. For details about auditioning please call 702.348.7003.

The Importance of Parents’ Support in Music

“Be your child’s greatest cheerleader.” This proverb says a lot of things in one’s parenting. It could be applied to any aspect of a child’s milestone in life.

Parents don’t usually refer to themselves as their child’s friend. But children usually consider their parents their best friends — they are often their children’s heroes, first loves and idols.

Why is parental support important?

As a child, the appreciation and support of little things from parents matter; they would usually strive to be better in anything they do, with the thinking that their parents will cheer for them all throughout. Children who grow up in this kind of environment eventually thrive at the variety of things they choose to partake in.

This logic – offering words of encouragement — also applies if you decide to bring your kids to taking piano lessons in Las Vegas or singing lessons in Las Vegas.

Attendance and Participation. Just like going to school, bringing children to piano lessons and singing lessons in Las Vegas, may not be easy for a start: some children may throw tantrums due to not wanting to attend class. When these instances arise, parents must help their children understand why taking such lessons is beneficial for them and at the same time, help their children realize that there are long term goals. When the going gets tough, quitting is not the answer. The children must be encouraged to stick with it be patient and practice with repetition.
They must be encouraged to have the confidence to continue so that they’ll learn that with discipline and tenacity they will learn.  Parents should also teach and motivate their kids to prioritize lessons and to actively participate in the class’ activities.

Drive and Spirit. Always remind your child why he or she takes piano or singing lessons in Las Vegas. Let them not forget why they study music.

At a young age, it is also important to make kids realize the meaning of inspiration and motivation. Their inspiration could be someone they look up to: it could be someone in the family, or a fine pianist or singer.

However, inspiration alone will not ignite the fire within for a child to continue their lessons. Nudge them a bit to keep them motivated. Be it a small prize for a job well done or a praise of encouragement, it would do a lot for the child.

Disciplined and well-mannered. Teach your children from the basics. Start from helping them arrange their toys after playing with them, to simple household chores. These little things would be imparted in other activities they do, such as in studying music. As a kid, it is normal to lose focus once in a while, and it is the parents’ task to not let this happen.

Being well-mannered comes after discipline; again, there may be a tendency once in a while of a stand off attitude during the piano lessons in Las Vegas, when having to repeat a passage several times or dealing with learning new material. Teaching your child to be positive and to appreciate the process of studying and learning will serve them well in their future.

Goals: It’s never too early to help your child set goals, whether it be a short-term or long-term goals.

Never underestimate the children’s goals because for them, goals are bigger than what you think they are. It gives them the feeling of excitement for the day to come — and this is the joy of being a child and learning.

To help with that process, engage them in discussion of their plans for the future of studying music. Your kid’s goal might either be to play a piano piece or sing in a performance at school someday.

Failures and Successes. Part and parcel of taking piano and singing lessons are the ups and downs. As a parent, it is inevitable for you to feel frustration and rejoice as well when these instances happen. But don’t forget that children could feel the frustration, too, if they see that from you.

Kids could feel uneasy when they could not get the lessons easily, but at the same time, they can get worried that they might be letting their parents down by not doing a good job. Help your child understand that not every lesson is going to be perfect. What counts is their attitude toward taking on the challenge of learning todays lesson and giving 100% of their energy.

Make your children understand that failures and successes are part of the journey in achieving goals and dreams. Help your kids get over frustrations through a lot of encouragement.  These fundamentals would prepare the kids for a bigger world. They may not understand the idea of the things you teach them at first, but the lessons you impart within would help them stand on their own two feet.

Adults Studying Music

Studying music, is of course, not limited to kids and teens, and adults can either want to enhance their current skills and talents, or perhaps, try singing or piano lessons for the first time.

It’s a given that the struggles kids and teens face would be different from those faced by adults. While adults won’t tend to show their frustration in the same way as youngsters, the fact still remains that adults may not yet know the kind of patience and discipline that it takes to study piano lessons and singing lessons in Las Vegas.

Priorities. Adults tend to face a ton of ordeal in their lives; managing the bills and taking care of their families. Those are just two of the many responsibilities people need to face on a day-to-day basis. Because of these duties, sometimes studying music takes a back seat because of other priorities. In other instances, the fees involved for studying music becomes the issue.

Even people who have the passion for music tend to take a different path for a secured and stable future. The result? “There are many people who suffer as adults because they didn’t get to chase their dreams,” as quoted by Dr. Thomas Muyombo, a Rwandan secular music artiste and children’s books author.

This is where time management comes in. While people need to fulfill their responsibilities as adults, it’s also important to pay attention to your wants, such as hobbies. How about trying to spend a few hours of singing or playing the piano? This habit – especially if it’s something you’re passionate about – can make you feel relaxed and content. At the same time, it can bring personal satisfaction and joy to your daily life.

Another way to further improve is to enroll in singing lessons and piano lessons. Your mentor can eventually help figure out what aspects can further your knowledge in music.

On top of managing priorities, others struggles faced by adults in studying music also include:

Questioning oneself. “Am I good enough?” “Can I really do this?” These are just two of the many questions adults may ask when they begin to doubt their capabilities in a new adventure.

Forgetting the reasons. “Why am I here?” People tend to lose their inspiration and motivation while working to achieve their goals. The truth of the matter is while studying music is a never ending study because when you learn one piece there’s another one around the corner.

Giving up. “I don’t want to do this anymore, it’s too difficult for me.” This could be their last straw. People may just give up because they feel like nothing is working for them. They might be going through a time and point where they just want to give up.

When facing these circumstances, remember that there is no way you can improve if you do not do anything about your dilemma. If you want to improve your skills, the best way is to in enroll in singing or piano lessons and start practicing.

On top of that, surround yourself with people who can appreciate your talents and those who can motivate you. Even adults need a support group whenever they are dealing with struggles with their career or hobby. And always remember that giving up is never an option. You can simply continue to find ways to improve your craft.

Let us go back to what we discussed earlier: as a parent, if you give your full support, encouragement and conviction that your children’s dreams are important to them, with discipline and tenacity they can study to be great at whatever they choose.

Las Vegas Voice and Piano specializes in piano lessons and singing lessons for students of all ages and levels. Contact us today for more information for piano lesson and voice lessons Las Vegas. Please note all singing students under the age of 16 inquiring about singing lessons will be considered after an audition. For details about auditioning please call 702.348.7003.

Benefits of Having Singing and Piano Lessons

“We’ve never found a culture that has no language–we’ve never found a culture that has no music. So, music seems to be universal.”

This is according to Parag Chordia, director of the Music Intelligence Lab at Georgia Tech. Music is a universal language. It cannot be solely found in words. It is about the melody, the tune and the emotion.

Music is usually expressed in various ways, it could be playing an instrument or singing or writing a song. In this article, we’ll specifically tackle studying piano and singing.

You may have considered taking Piano Lessons in Las Vegas or attending Singing Classes in Las Vegas. Or maybe, you’re the kind of person who just loves to sing anywhere even if your friends are telling you not to, or that person who always listens to classical pieces wishing you could play the keys.

Did you know that there are actually benefits in taking Piano Lessons in Las Vegas and Voice Lessons in Las Vegas?

Like for playing a piano, looking cool in front of a grand piano is just one of the things you’ll achieve in taking Piano Lessons and apart from that, here are the other benefits you can get from it:

Enhances creativity. One of the first things you should know when you want to enter the world of music is that music generally helps develop creativity. It is not just an extracurricular activity but is considered to be fundamental and important in life.

Creativity is one of the most essential tools for a child to develop if he/she wants to be successful later in life. One of the most essential traits for a child to develop is creativity. Playing music, or having Piano Lessons in Las Vegas specifically, is a process that activates multiple areas of the brain and helps a child develop greater creative capacity.

Be an achiever in school. A study conducted by Dr. Frances Rauscher, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, and Gordon Shaw, a physicist at of the University of California at Irvine, showed that kids who had experience in piano classes got 34% higher scores in spatial-temporal reasoning tests than those who did not. The test was said to measure one’s understanding in math, science and engineering.

Raises one’s competitiveness. Taking a class, with the joy of learning is the most important consideration. From a mere Do-Re-Mi to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, there would come a point that one would be eager to learn new pieces. As the level goes higher, it becomes harder. The difficulty of the lessons would not hinder one’s eagerness to learn more, proving to oneself that he/she could do better.

Coordination and Concentration. Playing piano and reading the music sheet is a complex activity that comprises motor and multisensory (auditory, visual, and somatosensory) integration in a unique way. Moving your fingers over the keys needs an advanced eye-hand coordination, noting that each hand moves in different way. Reading the music involves high concentration of not only reading the notes but understanding how to make the piece your own.

As for singing, producing musical tones and wonderful sounds is not the only thing singing does.

Stress reliever. Singing releases endorphins. It triggers a positive feeling in the body, relieving stress. According to Prof. Graham Welch, chair of Music Education at the Institute of Education in the University of London, singing is an aerobic activity that increases oxygenation in the blood stream. It reduces stress levels through the action of the endocrine system which is linked to a person’s sense of emotional well-being. Thus, singing makes you happy.

Language skills development. Since song is a special type of speech, it helps children understand and acquire the construction of language. Children have a greater response to live singers more so than to recorded singers. Kids who grow up listening to songs tend to love singing on their own. Since a song is like a pattern, it would be easier for the children to understand the fundamentals of a language.

Confidence booster. It gives you this feeling of relief and contentedness. Knowing that you can sing (even if you really can’t) doesn’t solely make you feel good about yourself. It sometimes helps to have people to sing along with sometimes, may it be a choir or an acapella group. Singing a solo piece in a performance is different from singing with others in a performance, but either helps you to find the courage to perform.

Workout substitute. Exercising the vocal cords can prolong one’s life, said Helen Astrid, a vocal coach and singer in The Helen Astrid Singing Academy in London. Singing can practically be compared to as exercising your lungs and heart. It would even help you live longer. In singing, a correct posture should also be considered. You get to maintain your good posture while enjoying yourself. Also, this activity exercised your core muscles, reciprocating the idea of having a strong and balanced core will help in your singing technique.

Now, you realize that studying the piano or singing are not only hobbies and of aesthetic value. They carry a growth within that can be passed to and from anyone.

Knowing all of these things, are you up for a new challenge? It’s never too late to learn and to do something. Playing the piano and singing are just two of the million ways you can freely express yourself. Take the chance to develop your intellectual and social skills, and physical and emotional strengths.

Las Vegas Voice and Piano specializes in teaching piano and singing to students of all ages and levels. Contact us today for more information for voice lessons and piano lesson Las Vegas. Please not all singing students under the age of 16 inquiring about singing lessons will be considered after an audition. For more information about enrolling in Las Vegas Voice and Piano or the audition process contact us at 702.348.7003

Piano & Singing Lessons for Adults & Children

Not only are kids getting more involved with studying music, but so are adults and seniors. We attract clients who are doctors, attorneys, investors, and nurses who bring their children for singing and piano lessons and then start studying piano and taking singing lessons. Not only do they find voice and piano lessons to be an interesting activity that taps into their more expressive and creative side, but they also find that studying music and taking piano and singing lessons is quite relaxing and a significant de-stressor. Studying music keeps the brain active and helps one focus on something other than work and career. Our Las Vegas Voice and Piano music studio works to accommodate the scheduling needs of people who want to study music and have busy schedules.

Our voice and piano lessons are available evenings and weekends, and are extremely flexible. We understand that there are professionals who want to study music when they get out of that stressful day at work. They may want to deactivate and refocus on something completely different from their daily routine of work and personal obligations. For more information about learning to sing or play piano, contact us today and book your first lesson!

Las Vegas Singing Lessons and Recitals

Las Vegas Voice and Piano takes pride in teaching people how to sing and use their voice to reach their singing potential. Singing lessons can make a significant improvement in the self-confidence in especially new voice lesson students and to help them prepare to sing in front of other people. One benefit in working with Las Vegas Voice and piano is we organize and sometimes even sponsor singing recitals for our students at various educational or commercial locations. Sometimes our recitals are in elderly facilities and support people local community who may have limited options to see live singers perform. Because we take our singing recitals and voice lessons seriously, students who perform in singing recitals are invited to sing based on their level of commitment and consistency with their singing lessons and how willing they are to work on what they learn during their voice lesson. One of the reasons why we take our singing lessons and recitals seriously is because we love to see our students grow and develop their voice. We are pleased to continue organizing both singing recitals and piano recitals for various locations throughout our Las Vegas community to give students a meaningful personal experience singing before an audience. If you or your children are interested in taking singing lessons, contact us today for more information.

Las Vegas Piano Lessons & Piano Teachers

Do you want to take piano lessons? Do you want to sound like a pro, even though you’re studying for your own personal enjoyment? The piano and voice teachers at Las Vegas Voice and Piano focus on the details that will help you  achieve your goals while studying piano.

If you’re a beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate level or professional the teachers at Las Vegas Voice and Piano can help you develop skills that you may not have known could be instrumental to you in achieving your goals at becoming a better pianist. Many people are unaware of the fact that playing piano includes a variety of skills depending on the task at hand. If you’d like to perform a solo classical piece, a pop piece, a jazz piece, play in an ensemble, play an accompaniment for a singer or instrumentalist. All of these demand different  skill sets and the teachers at Las Vegas Voice and Piano know what it takes to help their students achieve any of those goals.

As classically trained pianists that have worked in many venues and with other musicians the piano and voice teachers at Las Vegas Voice and Piano have attained MA. level degrees and have performed in many settings where they have had to use a wide variety of skill sets and styles that they can teach any student to achieve over time.

While different styles of music require different skills there is a thread of knowledge that must be attained regardless of the style that any pianist is hoping to develop. At Las Vegas Voice and Piano the piano and voice teachers know what it will take so that you  will be able to use the technique that you are studying to play in the style that you’re studying to perform. Are you a parent wanting your child to study piano? The teachers at Las Vegas Voice and Piano have taught students from 4 years of age to seniors. Studying piano is great for the development of the brain and maintaining mental growth and awareness, not to mention mutli-tasking skills and of course the desire to be creative.

We continue teaching students that have studied with us at Las Vegas Voice and Piano for more than eight years and enjoy watching their technique and interpretive skills develop as they progress into fine musicians.

Visit our official Las Vegas Voice and Piano YouTube channel and listen to some of our piano student’s perform in recitals

Voice and Singing Lessons in Las Vegas

Voice and Singing Lessons can dramatically improve your voice talent and how you use your voice when singing. Anyone who sings, whether professionally or simply as a passion, singing lessons from a professional singer makes a significant difference when it comes to understanding how to use and develop your voice. The voice and piano teachers at Las Vegas Voice and Piano invest incredible attention to detail when teaching their students how to develop their singing voice.

Singing is both an art and a science, with many moving parts within the body even many professional singers aren’t aware of. As classically trained vocalists, teachers at of Las Vegas Voice and Piano apply their deep knowledge about how to develop and use the voice by providing effective exercises for the body and voice that enhance the singer’s voice. To an untrained eye, many unconscious things can be happening while a person is singing that prevent the full beauty of their voice from recognizing it’s potential. This is where careful and meticulous observations in our voice lessons help tailor voice lessons to your unique needs, singing style, and voice.

Las Vegas Voice and Piano singing lessons incorporates a wide spectrum of styles into our teaching, and we are able to work with the style that best suits your passion, interest, or profession. Between classical vocal lessons, contemporary, jazz, country, contemporary, rock and pop. Las Vegas Voice and Piano voice and singing lessons helps you tune your voice and train your ear to listen for your ability to sing in tune, and adjust your singing style to a certain song. Singing training programs incorporate exercises such as voice training exercises, posture, breathing, ear training for singing in tune.

Las Vegas Voice and Piano Lessons – Recital

This student has been studying at Las Vegas Voice and Piano for approximately nine months. With discipline and practice she’s been able to perform this minuet, a piece that might take many piano students two years or more to accomplish a similar goal.

We at Las Vegas Voice and Piano are very pleased to see that so many of our students have such a great desire to study and excel in their music education. Contact us to book a piano or singing lesson with our professionals teachers.

Vocal Student Recital: Two Pieces 2013

Las Vegas Voice and Piano Lessons | Vocal student performs two pieces ( Recital 2013)

Anyone who has studied singing knows all the changes that the voice goes through as a teenager matures and how much care the voice must be treated with, especially as the voice is going through these many changes. Studying singing and taking professional singing lessons gives the student the opportunity to develop technique that will allow them to understand how to work through changes that occur as they mature. Studying the voice and developing singing technique will also teach the student how to sing in a variety of styles while maintaining a stable, solid, and healthy technique. Many young students of singing may not realize that there are health tips to care for your voice.

For example trying to exercise regularly, getting not only getting vocal rest when needed but physical rest,staying hydrated, paying attention to use their speaking voice in a proper healthy manner, and of course not to yell and no smoking. These are some very basic things that a beginning voice student might not give much thought to when beginning their studies in singing.Please feel free to click the video and view a voice student performing in a singing recital produced by Las Vegas Voice and Piano in 2013.