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Vocal Student Recital: Two Pieces 2013

Las Vegas Voice and Piano Lessons | Vocal student performs two pieces ( Recital 2013)

Anyone who has studied singing knows all the changes that the voice goes through as a teenager matures and how much care the voice must be treated with, especially as the voice is going through these many changes. Studying singing and taking professional singing lessons gives the student the opportunity to develop technique that will allow them to understand how to work through changes that occur as they mature. Studying the voice and developing singing technique will also teach the student how to sing in a variety of styles while maintaining a stable, solid, and healthy technique. Many young students of singing may not realize that there are health tips to care for your voice.

For example trying to exercise regularly, getting not only getting vocal rest when needed but physical rest,staying hydrated, paying attention to use their speaking voice in a proper healthy manner, and of course not to yell and no smoking. These are some very basic things that a beginning voice student might not give much thought to when beginning their studies in singing.Please feel free to click the video and view a voice student performing in a singing recital produced by Las Vegas Voice and Piano in 2013.