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Las Vegas Voice & Piano Studio is the place to go for piano lessons or singing lessons in Las Vegas. Providing piano lessons, voice, and singing lessons is what Michael Pistiner and Marta Menendez have been doing for the past 20 years.

“We approach teaching music with the same passion today that we did when we started our studio 20 years ago, whether we it be lessons piano or voice lessons.” If you have been looking to get started in music or want some fine tuning to your craft, the Pistiner & Menendez Las Vegas Piano & Voice lessons is the place to go.

We teach both beginning students and professional singers and pianists. We also teach children of all ages and adults, and also teach bi-lingual in both Spanish and English. We share our passion for culture, arts, and music with our students, and with our flexible teaching hours can accommodate your work or school schedule to ensure you have time to pursue your talent. Visit our Las Vegas Voice and Piano YouTube channel to watch some of our voice and piano lessons.