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Las Vegas Voice and Piano Piano Recital 2013

Las Vegas Voice and Piano shares this 7 year old student performance playing piano at their 2013 recital.

At Las Vegas Voice and Piano we enjoy teaching students voice lessons and piano lessons of all ages and have found how wonderful it is for the child to get the reinforcement from the parent’s involvement in their music education and practice.

A parent may think that if the youngster themselves hears progress and growth being made in their playing that this would be enough for them to have the discipline and enthusiasm to practice diligently in a disciplined manner. This being said anyone who has studied an instrument at any level knows the patience and enthusiasm one has to maintain to continue developing into the musician they work to become. The parents of the young student can play a major role in the development of their child’s musical education by attending their children’s lessons and helping their child by maintaining an encouraging and enthusiastic attitude about the progress and creativity that is being accomplished by the student.

Together the student, teacher and parent can help a youngster remain positive, encouraged and enthusiastic about continuing with their musical education. Feel free to click on the recital video and observe a seven year old student playing piano in a recital produced by Las Vegas Voice and Piano in 2013.