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Las Vegas Piano Lessons & Piano Teachers

Do you want to take piano lessons? Do you want to sound like a pro, even though you’re studying for your own personal enjoyment? The piano and voice teachers at Las Vegas Voice and Piano focus on the details that will help you  achieve your goals while studying piano.

If you’re a beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate level or professional the teachers at Las Vegas Voice and Piano can help you develop skills that you may not have known could be instrumental to you in achieving your goals at becoming a better pianist. Many people are unaware of the fact that playing piano includes a variety of skills depending on the task at hand. If you’d like to perform a solo classical piece, a pop piece, a jazz piece, play in an ensemble, play an accompaniment for a singer or instrumentalist. All of these demand different  skill sets and the teachers at Las Vegas Voice and Piano know what it takes to help their students achieve any of those goals.

As classically trained pianists that have worked in many venues and with other musicians the piano and voice teachers at Las Vegas Voice and Piano have attained MA. level degrees and have performed in many settings where they have had to use a wide variety of skill sets and styles that they can teach any student to achieve over time.

While different styles of music require different skills there is a thread of knowledge that must be attained regardless of the style that any pianist is hoping to develop. At Las Vegas Voice and Piano the piano and voice teachers know what it will take so that you  will be able to use the technique that you are studying to play in the style that you’re studying to perform. Are you a parent wanting your child to study piano? The teachers at Las Vegas Voice and Piano have taught students from 4 years of age to seniors. Studying piano is great for the development of the brain and maintaining mental growth and awareness, not to mention mutli-tasking skills and of course the desire to be creative.

We continue teaching students that have studied with us at Las Vegas Voice and Piano for more than eight years and enjoy watching their technique and interpretive skills develop as they progress into fine musicians.

Visit our official Las Vegas Voice and Piano YouTube channel and listen to some of our piano student’s perform in recitals